Today, we’ll take a short walk down memory lane and look back at Shaper Impact Capital’s early days and its journey thus far, while envisioning its future.

In conversation with: Chia Jeng Yang, Founder of Shaper Impact Capital by night. Principal at Saison Capital by day.

Hello! How did you get the idea for SIC and how did you get started?

Literally by night, since to accommodate our Global team, the best times for our meetings have been at 10 or 11pm local time.

Joining the Global Shaper Community [a World Economic Forum initiative] in 2018, I had the privilege to join the Shape ASEAN conference in Bangkok. …

Thinking and Designing around sustainability.

Written by: Felix Lee

For the past few decades, companies have been thinking and creating products and services that solve society’s problems. Today, Uber gets us a ride in minutes, Facebook connects us to our friends and Stripe facilitates payments globally. These are just some of the many companies that are a testament to how we’ve done remarkably well as a civilization.

It’s time that we start looking at the bigger picture, one that we should have looked at a long-time ago. How do we start designing products and services that serve our planet and people at the same time…

Shaper Impact Capital (SIC) is an impact investment platform founded and run by a team of experienced VCs. Our goal is to connect a highly curated network of social impact investors, angels and impact funds with purpose-driven startups and enterprises.

Welcome to our first article in the SIC Founder Success Stories series, where we feature amazing founders who have benefitted from our work at SIC. In particular, we hope to showcase the great example of measurable progress that can be achieved through the right mentor relationship. Today, we feature Angie Madara, Founder and CEO of edtech platform Growd.

Angie is…

Shaper Impact Capital

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